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compensation mesothelioma

compensation mesothelioma

compensation mesothelioma - Mesothelioma patients are victims of asbestos exposure. Compensation is available to most patients for treatment and/or securing their family’s future.
Get the Compensation You Deserve

There are several types of compensation available for mesothelioma patients. The primary form of compensation comes from the asbestos companies responsible for the patient’s exposure. Secondary avenues for compensation are asbestos trust funds and veteran-specific benefits. Learn more about the compensation by getting connected with our Legal Support team.

Types of Compensation
Legal Compensation
Legal Claims
Many patients struggle with filing a legal claim because they aren’t the type to “sue,” but the fact is, mesothelioma patients are victims of corporate negligence. Good law firms will do all the heavy lifting for mesothelioma patients by traveling to them and discovering all the sources of their exposure.

Trust Funds
Asbestos Trust Funds
The now-bankrupt companies that used asbestos in the past have set up trust funds to compensate patients with asbestos-related diseases. There is over $30 billion in asbestos trust funds available to mesothelioma patients and their families.

Veteran's Compensation
Veterans Claims
Veterans are the largest group of mesothelioma patients. There are several types of compensation available for veterans whose asbestos exposure was service-related, ranging from disability benefits to pensions.

Mesothelioma Compensation
Mesothelioma Compensation
Acquiring compensation for asbestos exposure and the diseases that result from it – such as mesothelioma – can be a straightforward process with the assistance of a legal team that is experienced in handling mesothelioma claims. Identifying an experienced law firm with expertise in asbestos litigation to help you manage your mesothelioma lawsuit is the best strategy for pursuing your legal claims and assuring that you receive the maximum amount of compensation based upon your individual claims.

This page provides detailed information about the types of mesothelioma compensation you may be eligible for should you decide to file a mesothelioma claim, along with information about what to expect when going through the legal process.

Types of Asbestos Compensation
In general, there are four types of compensation available for mesothelioma claims.

One way to receive compensation for asbestos-related diseases is through a legal settlement. To receive a settlement, it is first necessary to file a claim against one or more companies for either personal injury or wrongful death. Often times, companies will prefer to settle such claims rather than to risk a full trial, which could result in them having to pay even more money. Even if a case does go to trial, a claim may still be settled before the final verdict is issued.

The majority of mesothelioma lawsuits result in settlements. Having a team of knowledgeable lawyers who have demonstrated an ability to successfully navigate the settlement process is the most certain way to receive the maximum compensation for mesothelioma victims and their families.

Asbestos Bankruptcy Trust Funds
Exposure to asbestos has a long history, and over time a number of companies that manufactured, distributed, sold, or used asbestos products and materials have either gone out of business, merged with other corporations, or been restructured due to bankruptcy. In some cases, the downfall of these companies was due directly to the liability they incurred because of their use of asbestos.

Even though such companies no longer exist, it may still be possible to receive compensation from them. In many instances, the companies were required to establish asbestos bankruptcy trust funds (“asbestos trusts”) and fund them with enough money to pay mesothelioma claims brought against them. These mesothelioma trust funds typically have a set of established criteria, and mesothelioma victims who meet those criteria can expect to receive compensation from the fund.

Jury Awards
From time to time, a mesothelioma claim may make it all the way to a jury trial. If no settlement is reached, and if the defendant is found liable for the asbestos exposure that led to the development of mesothelioma, a jury will determine the amount of compensation to be paid to the injured party. The amount awarded often includes actual expenses incurred as well as punitive damages.

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