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Lets Make Nitric Acid With This Simple Step : Three Simple Step! ( You Can Do At Home )

Hello Guys ! Be A Good Chemist ! Today, we will try to make nitric acid in a simple way and you can try this procedure at home.

As we know, Nitric Acid is one of strongest mineral acid and This compound have chemical formula HNO3. Nitric Acid is Colourless in dilute concentration, but if in concentrated it will form yellow colour. Nitric Acid also used for Nitration in Organic Chemistry.

Nitric Acid is reactive acid and react with metal to form nitrate salt. It can react with inert metal like Silver and Copper. When react with metal, Nitric Acid will produce Nitrogen Dioxide Gas and Nitrogen Oxide gas. However Nitrogen Dioxide gas is most commonly produce in this case.

Okay, now i will to show you how to make nitric acid with this three simple way and you can try this at home !

1. Make Nitric Acid By Heating Copper Nitrate Salt

This step is very simple and you can do easily. If you have Copper Nitrate salt, you just need to heating it until decomposition occured. If you see yellow nitrogen dioxide gas produce when you heating it, you just need to passed it through the water to give nitric acid. This Reaction will show you how the proccess occured :

First, Heating the Copper Nitrate Salt ( 373 K ) until NO2 gas Produced !

Cu(NO3)2  → CuO + NO2 

And then NO2 gas passed through water to give Nitric Acid !

NO2 + H2O → HNO3

How my friend ? It so easy Right ? 

2. Make Nitric Acid By Mixing Sodium Nitrate With Hydrochloric Acid 

This step is more challanging but you can do it ! The ingridients you need is a beaker glass, Sodium Nitrate ( Powder ), and concentrated Hydrochloric acid. The first step, you need to measure about 20 grams Sodium Nitrate and 200 ml concentrated Hydrochloric acid. Then, mix sodium nitrate into concentrated Hydrochloric Acid slowly. let the solution for a minute. After 3 minute, you will see the reaction between sodium nitrate and hydrochloric acid occured. Nitrogen dioxide gas will produce massively and you need to collect it and passed the gas into the water. See the reaction below !

First, Mix sodium nitrate with hydrochloric acid !

NaNO3 + HCl → NaCl + NO2 + H2O

And then, The NO2 gas passed into the water and give Nitric Acid !

NO2 + H2O → HNO3

Its really tough proccess but you can do it easily !

3. Make Nitric Acid By Destilation Procces

 This guide is so hard and you need a lot of experiment skill for do this procedure. The ingridients you need for do this procedure is Pottasium Nitrate and Concentrated Sulfuric Acid. First, measure about 50 grams Pottasium Nitrate and 300 ml concentrated Sulfuric Acid. And then mix them into the beaker destilation glass . You can add 100 ml water into the compound. The next step is you must heating it ( 353 K ) for a few minutes in the destilation procces. Concentrated Nitric Acid will produce in this destilation procces. If you not see the yellow stuff produce anymore, it means the destilation procces has finished.

First reacton

KNO3 + H2SO4 → HNO3 + K2SO4


HNO3 (aq) → HNO3 ( g ) ( Destilation )

HNO3 ( g ) → HNO3 ( l ) ( In Condensor )

Okay, thats all about the complete guide how to make nitric acid easily. I hope that information can help you . See you in the next article ! Thanks for reading and Be A Good Chemist !!

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